the shining isnt even that good

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my heart is full of hate and swag


*takes off headphones after 4 hours*

*suspended between time and space for 3 seconds*

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Cookie Cat! from Steven Universe

got inspired making a low poly 3D model by simplecg tumblr. also still gotta work on my low poly texturing.

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Her past has been eradicated. All of her personal records have been erased.

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Anonymous said:
    wait what was he saying to nicki in that interview? was he making innuendos?

its pretty easy to catch on lmao he was talking about her ass

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fighn replied to your post: thin people have thin privilege btw ju…

there is no such thing as thin privilege, especially when people have the ability to lose weight and not be “oppressed” against

1. there is such a thing as thin privilege. just look at 90% of magazine covers and popstars and you’ll see it.

2. not all people can lose weight. everyone is different and has different bodies and health conditions.

EVERYONE has the ability to lose weight. whether its by going to the gym, or an eating disorder, or lyposuction (not encouraging shit). there are things that people can do to lose weight. labeling being thin as some kind of privilege is beyond pathetic tbh because being bigger is not as rough as the shit other minorities (i guess you can say???) have to deal with. your perspective is fucked up

please take your skinny ableist ass outside look at a magazine and turn on the tv and be happy that people arent telling you 24/7 to change the way you look to satisfy them